Retainer is 50% of order and non-refundable. A retainer is required to hold your date. Any communication, phone calls, or meeting does not equal the date is held for your event, only a retainer can hold your date. We accept check, cash, and credit card payment through Square. Check must be cleared before we commence baking and decorating. By paying a retainer you have agreed to these Terms of Agreement.

Remaining balance is due 1 month before event. Failure to have order paid in full, on time will result in cancellation of order. If order is placed less than 1 month before event, payment will be due in full at this time. 

Delivery and set-up fees are determined by distance to and from event site and the time it may take to set-up if cake will need to be assembled. Delivery fee is a flat $20 for deliveries within 20 miles of our location. Any location beyond 20 miles there will be $25 plus a $0.50/mile charge to and from our Apollo Beach location.  Deliveries within Apollo Beach are complimentary.

Cake stand rentals start at $25, with refundable cash deposit upon return in acceptable condition. Cake stands must be returned by the Wednesday following event. If the cake stand is not returned, the deposit will be used to replace. No deposit will be returned if cake stand is returned damaged. Cake stand rentals are included in wedding cake orders over $500, a rental agreement is required for stand.

Changes to design. Changes may be made up to 2 weeks prior to event. If the design or change is not of our skill level or require specific tools to purchase that may not arrive in time, changes will be denied. Significant changes may require additional cost. We reserve the right to deny significant changes to original design. 

Cancellation by Laurel & Oak Cake Design. For whatever reason, if Laurel & Oak Cake Design is unable to fulfill order due to unforeseen events we will do our best to find someone qualified to complete the order. If that is unsuccessful, 100% of retainer and balance will be returned. 

Cancellation by client. A request for cancellation must be done over email. Please do this as soon as possible. Laurel & Oak Cake Design creates bespoke cakes for your event, therefore certain components of your order may be purchased or made well in advance. 

For orders cancelled no less than 2 full weeks before event and no balance due, a full refund of the 2nd payment will be returned. However, retainer is still non-refundable. Orders cancelled less than 2 full weeks before event will receive a 25% refund. Refunds will not be granted once baking and assembly has commenced.

Force Majeure. When certain circumstances are beyond our control arise, making the order fulfillment inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible. In the event of a force majeure including hurricanes, a change of date may be granted within 1 year of original date. It is imperative the client communicates with us when these unforeseen situations occur, we will do our very best to accommodate the client. If the new date agreed upon is not available, a refund will be granted.

Satisfaction. We will work with you to ensure you are fully satisfied with your cake. Please note that colors and design may vary due to the nature of edible components. Sometimes design elements are not successful for various reasons and we will need to make a quick judgement call to problem solve without the approval of the client.

Drop-off Procedure. If paying customer, like a bride, is not present during drop-off, a designated person should be appointed and we shall be notified beforehand of who will accept and sign for the delivery and set-up. Location of where cake will be set-up and how it is arranged will be pre-determined.

Cake pick-up. For cakes that will be picked up, a time and location will be confirmed 2 days before event. To provide the freshest product for our clients cakes are often worked on until shortly before pickup. For this reason, we may not be able to accommodate an earlier pickup time. Laurel & Oak Cake Design is not liable for cakes damaged after pick-up. Cars should be kept very cool, driver should take turns slowly, and have cake placed on a flat surface not in direct sun. 

Damage after delivery. After cake has been signed for, Laurel & Oak Cake Design, LLC will not be liable for any error or accident caused by anyone, including but not limited to staff, guests, unsupervised children at the drop-off location. Moving the cake increases the chances of an accident to occur. Move at your own risk. However, please reach out to us if such accident occurs, so we may attempt to fix it.

Displaying cake. Cakes shall be displayed inside in air conditioned rooms. Cakes will not be displayed outside in warm temperatures and direct sunlight. Laurel & Oak Cake Design will not be liable for cakes damaged, melted, fallen due to heat. Keep cake inside to keep it safe.

Serving size. Most catering halls and caterers are familiar with portion sizes for cakes. Our serving size slices are generally 1” x 2” x 5”. Laurel & Oak Cake Design will not be liable for anyone including kitchen staff, caterer, or party host not adhering to the serving sizes and coming short on cake for the guests. We follow the Wilton cake serving chart.

Returning your cake. If there is a significant error in your order that does not meet your expectations, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving order. Refunds of any sort will be at the discretion of Laurel & Oak Cake Design. Publicly expressing dissatisfaction on any social media outlet before communicating with Laurel & Oak Cake Design about an error with your order will result in no refund. Please communicate with us first.

Photographs. All cakes are photographed prior to and at delivery. Laurel & Oak Cake Design reserves the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to the client. However, we do love when the clients share their professional pictures with us!